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Content Designer Matthew Medina Discusses the Alphabets of Guild Wars

By Matthew Medina June 21st, 2010

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matthew Medina, and I’m one of the content designers at ArenaNet - which is just a fancy way of saying that I’m one of the people that create “cool stuff for players to do.” I’d like to take this opportunity to let players in on one of the things that I, and a number of our other team members, have been working on in order to give players the aforementioned cool stuff.

“You may even be the first to discover an ancient language that until now had been lost to history - will you be the one to translate it?”Hopefully by now everyone has noticed that ArenaNet has been very, very busy crafting an incredible game in Guild Wars 2, and hopefully everyone has also noticed the more recent trend of team members communicating directly with our fans about the game’s development right here on this very blog. As a part of our ongoing effort to lift the veil on some of the aspects of the development of Guild Wars 2, I wanted to give everyone some details on one of the ways that we’ll be injecting a subtle, but hopefully rewarding element of lore into the game. Specifically, I wanted to talk more about the written languages of Tyria and how they will be used in Guild Wars 2.

Read More on the ArenaNet Blog

Posted on 21 Jun 2010
Link Roundup: Personal Storylines and More!

By David Campbell May 28th, 2010

This week Lore and Continuity Designer Ree Soesbee explained the Guild Wars 2 personal storyline system in detail, and even threw in some juicy lore details!  Let’s take a quick tour around the Internet and see what everybody had to say about the customizable personal storyline, the War in Kryta, combat mechanics, and much more!

  • Ree Soesbee touched base with the PC Gamer Blog for a talk about the personal quest chain, home instancing, character biographies, and a lot more. Plus: new screenshots, including a pretty shot of a couple of GW2 deer!  We like deer.

  • IGN liked the concept of dynamic events, and adding a personalized storyline into the mix is just fine with them. “Every time we hear something new about Guild Wars 2 we get more and more excited.”

  • The ZAM staff continues its Guild Wars 2 coverage with a discussion of the mechanics behind the combat system they saw in action during a recent trip to ArenaNet!

  • Rubi over at Massively took a look at the new War in Kryta bounties, the inimitable Courier Falken (“Falken… PUNCH!”), and new loot! It pays to be a rebel.

  • Ten Ton Hammer’s “Anatomy of a Skill Bar” is just what it sounds like: a detailed analysis of how the skill bar has been redesigned for Guild Wars 2.

  • Kotaku digs the idea of character creation that goes way beyond just selecting race and class, judging by this post.

  • Authors Jeff Grubb and Matt Forbeck talked with Booklife about collaborating on Ghosts of Ascalon, the upcoming Guild Wars novel.

  • The French sites Jeux Video and Jeux Video PC like what they’ve heard about the customizable personal storyline so far!

And that’s a wrap. We’re going to enjoy the long Memorial Day holiday, so we’ll see you on Tuesday!  Have a great weekend, everyone.

Posted on 28 May 2010
Design Director James Phinney on the Recent Account Bans

By James Phinney May 26th, 2010

This is an important day for Guild Wars.

Today we terminated more than 3,700 accounts for botting and match manipulation. In cases where guilds were found to be involved in these activities, the guilds were also disbanded. More than a dozen such guilds were disbanded and many others are under continued investigation. Today’s actions are significant not simply because of their immediate impact but also because they represent a new era in enforcement for us.

Posted on 26 May 2010
Five Years in Tyria

By James Phinney April 28th, 2010

The last day dawns on the Kingdom of Ascalon. Five years ago, with those words, the world of Tyria came alive. For many of us, that was the beginning of an epic journey that included warring kingdoms, an unexpected change in scenery, a mysterious doppelganger, a crystal dragon, and a treacherous lich.

Posted on 28 Apr 2010

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